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Girls, girls, girls! From Motley Crue to many other music rock stars, girls are well praised in music. However, how is the gaming scene treating girls? In order to know everything about games for girls, we had to do some serious investigation! After extensive research and thanks to our partnership with 10parastakasinoa.com, we were finally able to put together a guide to help girls venture throughout different games. From board games to interactive games for pc or for consoles, you will find your way through the gaming network. Games are not only for boys, although the majority of games are designed for more manly tastes. There are a lot of those games that would be perfectly adapted to any girl’s taste. We have divided our guide in two categories. The first part of our guide will be dedicated to what we like to call ‘girly girl games’. You will be able to find out an extensive list of girly-girl board games as well as interactive arcade games. The second part of our guide will focus on girl action games, that you will be able to play on pc as well as on your consoles. Let’s have a closer look at all the information you will be able to find in more detail.

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About us

You have asked for professional female gamers? We have four that have dedicated their entire careers to gaming! Whether it is board games, online slots, online gaming or action console gaming, we have been pretty much everywhere you could think of to satisfy our gaming tendencies. Although the gaming world is a pretty macho environment, it is not impossible for girls to make it through. If we have succeeded in doing so, we are confident that with our expertise you will do the same, if not better! We have thought of every girl to build up this online gaming guide. Whether you are a little princess looking for fashion games, or a board game addict, we have what you need! On the other hand, if you prefer action games with a girly touch, we will also provide you with enough entertainment opportunities, and some are totally free! We hope that you will find the game for you and shine like a diamond in the gaming community!

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Girly Girl Games

ps3 call of duty ps3 call of duty

As you may anticipate, girly girl games are a flashy pink heaven! What do we mean by girly girl games now? Well, when you think of girls, you would probably think about little fashionistas interested in hair, accessories to be the perfect beauty queens! This is exactly what you will be able to find on this section of our website! We will guide you through the flashy colourful land of girly-girl gaming! We know that a lot of you probably consider this section a little bit stereotypical, but little girls will not, and that is the most important! Have a look at what we have gathered for you to try for free on our website 100% girly girl games!

Girly Girl Board Games

Technological progress has made our good old board games a tiny bit obsolete, don’t you think? Well, we have taken on the challenge to make board games cool again! We have a list of fantastic games that you will be able to play at home! You will be able to make several makeovers, own your colour book, dress-up games, puzzle games, animal games and many more!

Girly Girl Interactive Games

Once you get bored of board games, you will find relief in our interactive games section. Still girly and still flashy, but you will be able to play directly on your smartphone! The games that you will find listed under this specific section will be mainly applications that you will be able to download at no cost! Among those games, you will find cooking games, baby games, make-up games and doll games!

Girl Action Games

You may wonder what do we mean by girl action games. This is a fair concern that we will address without further ado. We will present you games that are filled with action and sci-fi scenarios to pump your adrenaline levels up! If you do not consider yourself as a ‘girly girl’, this section of our guide will be perfectly adapted to your tastes! We will present you with action games that are extremely appreciated by female gamers. We have decided to divide this here action section into two different parts. The first one will deal with action games that you will be able to play on your pc when the second one will focus on consoles’ games.

Girl action pc games

Sorry Mac lovers, this section is exclusively dedicated to pc owners! We have to admit that in terms of online gaming, pc is the most adapted system to have a lot of fun. You will find the interactive games’ platforms to be extremely stable, for smooth play throughout. We have gathered a few fun adventure games for you, some with a girly touch and others a little bit less girly but still popular with girls’ gamers. We will help you in a step-by-step exercise to be able to download the game or manage to play on their Flash versions available online.

Girl action console games

How about a fabulous dancing game on a console for when you throw a major housewarming party? Not bad! Well, we consider those games action games, as you will be burning a serious amount of calories by playing it with your peers, and as says Dj Compta, one profile of the famous GPWA, it starts to be more and more appreciated by the clients! By the way girls, do you like online casinos and especially poker? If you do, why don’t you check the Spanish website espanapokerclub.net? You are gonna love it but for that, you need to be able to speak Spanish. The best thing about girl action console games is that you will be able to play with other gamers in a network or solely with another remote! Dancing games are fun, however, you will be able to maximize action games by trying out some of the latest sports games! Public opinion seems to completely by-pass girls who are interested in sports. Well, we have not, and this is the reason why we have come up with a list of sports games that all of you girls will highly enjoy playing!

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