Girly Girl Console Games

Are you more Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo or Wii? No matter what gaming console floats you boat, you will find the perfect girly game to play on! You will see that our list consists in action games based on different themes. You will have strictly girly games, as well as action sci-fi games that are mostly associated with boys’ tastes. You will find the best of both words not to miss one opportunity to have fun on your gaming console! We will start by giving you the name of the console for each game before giving you an in-depth description of the game in general.

#1 Summer Workout

Do you own a PlayStation? Do you like to workout, or are you interested in that hot summer body? Well, you will have everything you need on Summer Workout! This game will teach you different fitness moves to sweat! You will be able to time all of your workouts and get precise instructions as to how to perform high intensity workout moves! This game is fantastic for solo sessions as well as group sessions with your family and friends!

#2 Party Make Up

Are you a fan of make up but you do not know how to get that perfect natural looking glow? Who would have known that your PlayStation could help you out! This is exactly what you will find on the Party Make Up game! You will be able to either choose a face to try out your make up skills on or insert a picture of yourself! This is the most realistic make up game for consoles! You will find directions to apply the different make up items, and see the final product before trying it on you!

#3 Hot Girl Club

We can agree on the fact that this game’s name is a bit tricky, and you probably will not know what to expect on your Xbox. We were also very puzzled by the theme of the game, which made us curious to discover what it was all about! Hot Girl Club will take you straight to a club. You will have a feeling of déjà vu. Yes, it will look a lot like the Sims! You will be able to gossip, to order drinks at the bar, and of course to get your groove on! You will, have a good laugh at this game and d we advise you to play with your friends before a night out!

#4 World Racing

Do you have a car? Do you have an Xbox? Do you like speed? If the answers to those questions are yes, then world Racing will be a hit in your household! Indeed, although this might sound like a boyish game, you will find a pink car! This is when the adventure will start for you, as you will find yourself in the most amazing racing spots to perform on a race to remember!

#3 Sim City Creator

This is by far our most favorite girly girl game on the Wii! The Sim City Creator is absolutely amazing! If you are familiar with the Sims, you will absolutely melt for this 2.0 version the game. You will be able to feel at home, and use the remote to build up on your property and interact with the other games’ characters. Another fantastic game’s feature is the fact that you will be able to play on a network! You will be able to connect with all your friends who own the game and take it to the next level!

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