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Girly games board games Girly games board games
Emma and her sister Johanna playing Monopoly

Let’s get down to business here! We will not bore you with long speeches. Instead, we will get to the heart of the matter! This is our girly girl board game section. You will find our top 3 of the best girly girl board games. We will provide you with a short description of the game to help you get an overview of what it is to expect by playing those board games. These are the best board games that we came across in years of experience. If the game pleases you, feel free to contact us to get the best addresses to acquire the best girly girl board games!

#1 Girl Talk

Have you heard of the truth or dare game? We assumed you did! Well, this Girl Talk board game is our favorite, simply because it is the most realistic! The board game contains a truth or dare spinning wheel. The aim of the game is to spin the wheels in order to gather fortune cards. There are four different cards’ categories: Special moments, Marriage, Children and Career. The player who will collect the most fortune cards in one specific category will be the winner. Beware of the red zit sticker! Indeed, this is a pretty scary item to have when you are going through puberty and that the game reminds you of your condition! If you fail to complete a truth or dare, you will receive the sticker that will make you fall behind during the game.

#2 Dream Phone

We have all had a secret admirer at some point growing up. Well, this game is taking the concept to a whole other level. Yes, you will find a pink special phone in the game. The objective is to be the first player to guess the identity of one’s secret admirer. It does not have to be yours, but also one of the player’s. Once you get the phone, you will have to call the secret admirer, based on the phone number written down on a card. When you call that person, you will have to look for clues to find out who your secret admirer is. It is a tough investigation work that will keep you entertained for hours!

Watch the Dream Phone game video.

#3 Pretty Pretty Princess

This board game is the ultimate 90s girly girl board game! You will be able to play with your friends as well as with the women in your family. This Pretty Pretty Princess board game is a classic! You will find several jewelry items in the game. The goal is to gather all the jewelry pieces in your color. The first player to get the full collection will win the game. However, there is a catch of course. There is a black ring in the game. If you get that specific item, you will automatically loose the game. There is also a moral to this girly board game that will teach you a life long lesson: you must match! Indeed, whatever you will wear as a girl will have to match in order for you to shine bright like a diamond!

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