Girly Girl Interactive Games

We are going to take girly girl games up a notch! Do you remember coloring games that would keep you entertained for hours? How about make up games? Well, thanks to technological progress you can now find 2.0 versions of those games. You may wonder how gaming companies managed to develop those games into interactive platforms don’t you? We will not give up all of the industry’s secrets. However, we will provide you with the most interesting and entertaining interactive girly games that you will be able to find online or directly on your smartphones and tablets!

#1 Prettily Dolphin Coloring

Prettily Dolphin Coloring is the most interesting paper game that has been developed for interactive platforms. The game was released in 2010, and was a total hit! Indeed, you may already know what the game is about, considering the game’s name. This is a basic coloring game for girly girls. You will have to complete the coloring of dolphin’s drawings in order to move to different levels of difficulty. Be careful not to color overboard!

#2 Barbie Winter

It is wintertime and Barbie needs your fashion advices! If you are looking for the ultimate girly girl interactive game, this is it! You cannot get girlier than with Barbie! The game, its graphics and sound effects are absolutely fantastic when played on Smartphones. You will have access to a wide range of products that will be extremely useful to Barbie and her winter fashion. You will be able to communicate with Barbie and help her pick out the warmest and the best outfit to impress throughout the winter!

#3 Celebrity Makeover 4

Ever wondered what Beyoncé would look like if you were to do her makeover? Well, this is your chance to shine and show all your great tastes. On Celebrity Makeover 4, you will have the tough mission to pick celebrities’ portraits and play with them! You will notice that the characters are extremely realistic, and that all the fashion items will be straight out of a fashion show!

#4 Fashion At Work

Another fashion girly girl interactive game: Fashion At Work. In this fashion game, no celebrities or Barbies to dress up. This is your time to create your own fashion collection from scratch. The game’s provider made sure to provide you with all the greatest designers’ tools to help you put up the next Channel collection, who knows! The bottom line is that this game will greatly challenge your imagination and help you get a feel of what it is like to work in the fashion industry!

#3 Puppy Pieces

Every little girl has had the ambition to become a veterinarian, in order to care to all the cutest puppies! That is exactly the reason why this game, Puppy Pieces, falls perfectly in our girly girl interactive games’ list. You will be able to have your own interactive puppies that you will have to care for, and look after during every game. You will earn different brownie points that will help you unlock different toiletries to take care of your favorite puppies.

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