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The online casino industry moves just as fast as the technology supporting it. Our guide: Online Casino India, presents this new venture into the Indian market, where online gambling has been slowly growing over the past couple of years.

Still in its infancy, not many players out there are clued up on the options and opportunities available. Our guide is, therefore, made to help guide you towards the best online casino in India that suits your individual needs. We will be discussing everything from live casino platform gaming to online casino laws and services.

If playing online is a new idea to you, then already, by starting here reading up on information, you are putting yourself in a better position than other players. By the end of this brief article, your understanding will be greatly broadened by the facts we are about to present.

Introducing the online casino into India

For those new to the idea of gambling or are unaware of the availability of gambling online, then we hope the following information will come as a pleasant surprise.

India is currently going through an online business boom, that business being online casinos. Right now, thousands of players living in India are playing online cash games, experiencing live casino entertainment and sports betting all within the top casinos online.

Finding the best online casino in India is all about knowledge and facts, we want to help relay the information, so you get the right online casino for you. The opportunity to enjoy real money games will also allow you to win real money that is paid in rupee currency.

Our Online Casino India guide is written by professionals that have worked for the industry and have played at a professional level. Gambling has its flaws, let us not hide this fact, it is adult entertainment from an adult industry that comes at a cost and we will not shy away from warning people that gambling should only be played by those that are able to afford it.

Playing games online is all luck and very little skill, knowledge is also key, especially in live games or sports betting. You must be over the age of 21 in India to bet and use the sites that are available. If you live outside of India and are able to play with rupee currency, then your legal age is relative to your country’s laws.

Information about online gambling

Is gambling legal in India? Can you join an online casino and legally win real money? Gambling and India have had a long history together. Real money games used to be played way back, before the 1800s and the rule of the British Empire. Gambling in India posed no issue and had no law. When the Empire took over India within 20-years, a gambling law was drafted to become the Act of 1867, this helped to limit the hobby of gambling and shut down most of the parlours where people would play.

This act remains, but revisions and adjustments have been added in the decades and years since. In more modern times, gambling is starting to become less of a British taboo. The laws allow for states in India to dictate their own gambling laws by applying for licenses. This is why casinos on land are found in Daman, Sikkim, and Goa.

So, what about online cash games and the rise of the online casino India interest? Well, there are two things to note regarding this.

1: Gambling online in India is NOT illegal. You cannot be arrested, charged, or stopped.

2: This is because there is no mention of it within the Gambling Act of 1867 nor in any revision thereafter.

This is going to sound odd, but this is the standard for many countries around the world like Canada and the USA. Forming online casinos from within India is illegal, however, foreign countries are not prohibited in servicing players living in India.

It’s a political conundrum that makes no sense, but everyone is doing this with the exception of a few select countries like the UK.

So, make the most out of a good situation.

How do casinos in India compare?

Do casinos in India feature anything different, how do they compare to the rest of the world’s online casinos?

Well, as mentioned, Indian casinos are foreign. They are designed and developed in Europe and have a global reach. They are able to facilitate the Indian market by simply accepting rupee payment as a means to play. This is basically how online casino India is able to be in the position it is in today.

So, the casinos you are able to join are also played by people in Europe, the UK, America, New Zealand and many other places. The casino takes the different currencies and offers everyone the exact same real money games.

There are, however, some minor tweaks to availability and how it is presented. For example, in the casino Betway, the UK client will have strong imagery or advertisement associate with live football betting, given it’s the national sport. In India, this casino will feature teen patti, more so than anything else given it’s a traditional Indian card game.

So, you will find these minor alterations, but overall, you will play the same online cash games and other players in other countries.

Discover the best online casino in India

So, how should you pick the right casino for you to join?

Well, knowing which the best online casino in India is for you, comes from knowing what games you want to play first, then selecting a casino that can project your requirements that go beyond your expectations.

We could tell you that casino x-y-z is the best casino ever, but if you love playing scratch cards and they don’t have them, then why bother joining that online casino? So, it is entirely relative to your needs and wants.

There are a number of factors players should be considered at a basic level when it comes to picking a casino to join. Now, despite the fact we will already have the answers and guide you to the best sites available, it is wise to know the process of selection anyway.

1: Is the casino licensed? – It might be an obvious starter, but the fact is that no player ever really checks. As long as the brand is known or the bonuses look good, then most people will sign up for anything. Licensing details for a casino should be clearly displayed on the homepage, this way players can check for themselves that they are legitimate, and the license hasn’t expired.

2: Banking – Now, it may seem that banking is a natural given, if you can’t pay, you can’t play. But the issue goes way deeper. All players in India wanting to gamble online must arrange alternative banking services, there is no two ways about it. The Reserve Bank of India does not like having transactions affiliate with casinos going through their service, fair or unfair, despite being legal, they will cancel payments. If you want to play, you need to open other services like Skrill and Neteller that work like PayPal. A middle-man company that can be the go between your bank and your casino.

3: What real money games are provided? – Gaming is 99% what casinos are all about. Once settled into your casino, it’s all about the games, the new releases, and with them, the new opportunities. Choice is good, it’s not greedy in the world of casinos. The more games you have the better, the more diversity in gaming platforms is also of greater benefit. You want a casino that can offer sports betting. It would be a sin if they didn’t have a live casino platform that allowed you to play against live dealers. In gambling, less is not more, it is what it is and more means money!

4: Software – The quality of any online casino India has in its market can be measured by the quality of the software it contains. If you want the best games, with the best prizes, then you need the best companies making those games. The likes of Playn'GO, Microgaming, Red Tiger, NetEnt, Pragmatic, Playtech, Blueprint Gaming and Evolution Gaming. These are the best of the best, with award-winning status. So, by knowing this now, you are benefiting, those that aren’t aware and joining online sites without these companies are in for a horrid surprise in how the games play and how infrequent they payout.

What online cash games will you play?

What real money games are available to play in these online casino platforms? Well, for players in India, you get a wide range of everything, and we mean everything!

The online cash games include online slot machines, you probably get an average of 500 per casino, some offer up to 2000 slots.

You can play games of teen patti, blackjack, roulette, poker, baccarat, and there are also niche games like craps and sic bo.

You will discover that some online casino India operators have lottery gaming access, this includes worldwide access to US lottos and European lotteries. You can play bingo and scratch cards, there is also keno as an option.

There is the option of sports betting, where you can play and bet on live cricket, this includes all the IPL, ODI, T20, World Cups and loads more. You get national and international games from all sports, all leagues, every race, fixture, and fight. If a bead of sweat is dropped, you can find a bet that covers it, with thousands of markets and odds available.

Experience the live casino

One of the more popular areas of a casino is the live casino platform. This allows you to participate in online cash games, within the numerous online casino India sites, and play against the dealer in real-time. Live casino is a streaming feature, a service that broadcasts webcams of live table games being played. You can watch and take part, and even communicate with the dealer over an abundance of games that include live teen patti, live poker, live roulette, live blackjack and loads more, including the latest selection of new game show features.

Playing online is really something quite special and an experience you should savour and take advantage of.