Girl Games to Attend the Virtual Event of the Canadian Gaming Summit

Canadian gaming summit Canadian gaming summit

The last two years have been really tough for the industry. Being an industry that is mainly powered by crowds, they had to adjust to certain changes. One of such changes is the no-touching rule. In Canada, the situation has been no different.

The Canadian gaming industry has felt the wrath of the pandemic. Lots of gaming centers and casinos had to close down. This situation called for concern from the Canadian gaming association.

The Canadian Gaming Association

The Canadian Gaming Association (or CGA as some Canadians call it) is a trade association that ensures the growth and development of the Canadian gaming industry. Part of our effort to grow the Canadian gaming industry has seen the establishment of the:

  • Canadian Gaming Business Magazine
  • Canada’s Gaming Premier Annual Conference
  • Canadian Gaming Business e-newsletter
  • Canadian Gaming Summit

Our association undergoes research and implements innovation as well as other best practices to see to the revolution of gaming in Canada.

Canadian Gaming Business Magazine

Information is power and those who stay informed stay powerful. However, there are to be individuals or mediums doing the “informing.” The Canadian gaming is an industry aimed at maximizing the potentials of the Canadian gaming industry.

Working with information is the best way to go about making the most of this industry. As the Canadian Gaming Association undertakes research and discovers helpful innovations, we have to make them available to all necessary stakeholders. This is the reason behind the publication of this magazine.

Our magazine also covers other issues like emerging trends and best practices related to gaming. If there is news about gaming in Canada, the Canadian Gaming Business Magazine is your surest medium to find it.

Canadian Gaming Premier Annual Conference

Canada is a very large country. We at the Canadian Gaming Association know we have to effectively cover the various regions and provinces of Canada to enable the gaming industry to grow. It is to this effect that the Canadian Premier Annual Conference was established.

The Canadian Premier Annual Conference is a gaming event aimed at bringing the Canadian industry together. Ensuring uniformity in operations of all gaming centers and organizations. It is in this event that our stakeholders learn the best gaming practice.

We present the results of the researches carried out as well as their results to stakeholders at this event. We also encourage stakeholders to use this information when making decisions. This will help them in making better decisions. As its name states, this is an “annual” event.

Canadian Gaming Business e-newsletter

Magazines and other paper publications require some level of planning and organization. While plans to publish magazines are ongoing, business will continue. If our magazines are the only means through which we intend to share information, we will either miss the most recent happenings or push recent happenings to the next edition.

However, this is not the case. We also have an e-newsletter publication to supplement our magazines. Just like the magazine, the e-newsletter also provides readers with substantial information about the happenings in the gaming industry. The Canadian Business Magazine and the Canadian Business.

The Canadian Gaming Summit

This is the big one as this is where the decision-makers sit and discuss. The Canadian Gaming Summit fosters interaction for professionals from all gaming sectors. The summit covers individuals from regions within Canada and beyond.

The theme for this year’s summit is “Facing the Future TOGETHER.” This theme in line with the challenges facing the Canadian Gaming Industry.

The Canadian Gaming Summit to Hold Virtually

Towards the end of the year 2019, there was news of a new virus. Canada did not feel its effect till the year 2020. Public events were cancelled and this affected the organization of the Canadian Gaming Summit 2020. We had to make certain changes to the event and organize a virtual summit.

Although we hoped for a change of fortunes, it has not turned out according to plan. To this effect, the Canadian Gaming Summit 2020 will also be a virtual event. Despite the momentary change of event style, most other factors remain the same.

You can still sponsor this year’s summit by, downloading, filling and submitting the sponsorship kit. This year’s summit will be about providing diverse creative ways for the industry to reach and serve clients as well as prospects. With better ways to serve clients, gaming firms will be able to keep their businesses running and make profits.

The Canadian Gaming Summit is scheduled to hold between June 9th and 10th, 2021. As usual, it will be packed with education sessions and a good opportunity to network with the best. The keynote speakers are all attendees of the program. So expect a lot of shared practical ideas that truly work.

Girls Games will Attend the Virtual Event

Despite the many challenges facing the organization of this summit, there are still reasons to look forward to it. One of them is the fact that the summit will still hold. Furthermore, you will still benefit from the knowledge shared at this event.

Another reason to look forward to this summit is that Girls Games will be in attendance. At Girls Games we have been major participants in the Canadian Gaming Summit. We will also share our innovative ideas on how to keep your gaming business afloat in a time like this.