Girls Games Slots

Online casino games are one of the most patronized games in the gambling sector. However, out of the plethora of games available which includes baccarat, poker, lotteries, and blackjack, nothing beats online slots. The latter is controlled by an RNG which makes it fool-proof and ensures it isn’t tampered with.

Choosing a casino game to play is difficult that is why we have chosen to review our favourite casino slot where you can win real money. Many exciting slot games tend to be interesting, profit-making, and engrossing. Playing online games provides a good feeling and a journey into the world of wild symbols and reels.

This detailed review will consider several relevant features which our Canadian players can identify with.

Our Favorite Online Slots

Today, we will be reviewing our favorite online slots Canada games which many Canadian casino players will enjoy. There are many features we will base our recommendations on. Factors include RTP, graphics, bonuses, and gameplay. Without much story, let’s take a look at some factors to consider when reviewing a slot game.

Reels are important features that come with slots. When you start to spin, these reels roll quickly to show particle signs or symbols. The type of reels that a slot shows can vary from three to 12, however, most slots are usually in 4 or 5 reels.

Moreover, a pay line in slot games is usually a fixed network on reels. A Pay line signifies matching sequences; the slot will pay you for a win. They can be seen in horizontal or diagonal positions. Games come in different pay lines and bookmakers. The range of pay lines is from 1 to 100. Paylines can be fixed or variable.

A stake is a wage that you must pay to be able to spin slot games. The amount of stake differs on the machines and games played. There are usually minimum and maximum stake limits placed on games. But be aware that the more wage you place the higher your profits or loss.

Many slot developing firms have quality games. Every firm has its specialties. Some firms are known for their graphics while others are known for their high RTP. However, very few can give provide good features for games. Top slots firms include Playtech, NetEnt, IGM, and Microgaming.

Good Girl Bad Girl

Girls games slots Girls games slots

This Betsoft slot game is a great game that comes highly recommended. It is a special game for fans of casino adventures. Gamers are allowed to control every aspect of the game. Depending on your state of mind, you can choose the modes to play. There are two main modes: Good and bad modes.

There is a side attraction though, you could decide to merge both modes, however, this is nerve-wracking. Now, let’s talk about gameplay. The slot game provides a highly coloured reel showing an amazing angel and terrible devil. There are many symbols which include 10 through ace which you can locate on the reels.

You’ll also find some unique extra symbols like kittens, halo, full moon, and a pitchfork. You can use these signs to make a win, and it will pop up. Slot lovers who use the Golden halo symbol enjoy multiplication in their wins. When you use the Red Pitch form you’re winning, it multiplied by 4x. The money wheel can only be used in the special bonus round.

This slot game has some unique features like “Click me” and “Money wheel.” These features offer players the opportunity to have a better chance of winning. Good Girl Bad Girl is connected to a progressive jackpot. What this implies is that your rewards are increased till you hit the jackpot.

Our final decision on this game is that it has good graphics, nice storyline, not your regular action-packed slot games, but it is fun-filled. We rate it 9/10.

Moon Princess

Girls games slots Girls games slots

This is one of Play ’N GO’s best slot games. It comes with 6 reels and 21 pay lines. It is heavily inspired by Japanese culture. These slot games allow you to be graced by three beautiful and strong princesses. This slot game comes on a 5 x5 grid where your victories give you different symbols. Using a three-girl power skill, any of these princesses can change the symbols, take wilds or damage the symbols.

Also, using the princess trinity feature, you can continue to use the power skill till you win. Moreover, there is also a free spin feature where you can play up to 25 free spins with any of the princesses. If you keep on winning, your multipliers give up to x20. You can start playing for as low as 25p to C $100. You can also use the autoplay function and spin automatically between 15 and 120.

The graphics of this slot game is good, however, using a PC with a good video adapter will give better quality. Our test on mobile phones wasn’t too impressive. The RTP of this game is 97% which is extremely high. This is a unique game with some special features and a good storyline, considering all Play ’N GO games, this is the best. We rate this 9.5/10.

Bikini Party

These girls’ slot game is all about ladies wearing miniskirts and engaging in volleyball sports at the beach. These girls show much flesh, flirts, and wink at you. Its graphics come a little short, but you can manage. The storyline is good and provides a romantic appeal. It doesn’t come with any pay lines but you can win it 244 ways. So you don’t need to bet on pay lines, as every spin costs you x 25. To win, you need to match two or three symbols.

Features look good at Bikini Party as each spin brings more fun. There is a Respin feature that allows you to reach a stated combination. This will, of course, take some credits. This Microgaming slot game has poor character graphics. Some highly seductive ladies are poorly designed and can be noticed by their colours.

Because of the Respin feature, you will need to spin continuously to march a feature and win some games. But be careful as each spin costs money. There is a scatter feature which comes rarely, but when you get two, you will win lots of money. It comes in PC and mobile versions. The RTP of this game is 94.8% and has a high volatility level.

The only drawback noticed in this game is the inferior graphics, We rate it 8.5/10.

How to Get the Most out of Playing Online Slots in Canada?

Bonuses are reward systems that most online casino players use to play casino games. You can use the below-mentioned casino bonuses to your advantage while playing online casinos.

  • Free spins

This is a very common bonus that comes with most slot games. You can use free spins to win real money. The number of free spins you get will depend on your casino website and their offers. These free spins though come with various wagering requirements which must strictly be adhered to. With a bit of luck, free spins will help you win games of slot machines.

  • No deposit casino Bonus

This bonus type is given to slot players who have accounts without funds. Although it could be given to any bettor, it is usually offered to gamblers with a dormant account to encourage them to play more games.

  • No deposit bonus

The slot games that you play for real money are found at as you get a C$88 no deposit bonus to play your favourite slots.

  • Sign up bonuses

Sign-up bonuses are rewards systems players get immediately they register with a casino website. The percentages of a sign-up bonus depending on the bookie. Most bookies give from 10% to 200% on your first deposit. The bonuses on your first deposits can be used to play virtually all slot games.

  • Deposit Bonuses

This is similar to sign-up bonuses but different in another way. You get a deposit bonus when you credit your account whether you are a new customer or not. Deposit bonuses are common with slot games and offer higher chances of winning.

Slot games offer a distinct gaming experience that attracts lots of players in Canada. Using casino bonuses gives you an edge to enjoy more and make more profit.