Girl Action Games

Let us not put every female gamer in the same box! Indeed, when some girls prefer girly girl games, other may be in need of a little bit more action. That is the reason why we have decided to provide you with a section entirely designed around girl action games. The games’ concept stays girly, but add elements of action and sci-fi. Therefore, we will make you aware of the different gaming options that you will be able to access via your PC, as well as on your consoles. We have chosen these gaming platforms for the mere reason that it will allow you to have access to a stable play filled with smooth graphics. We will warn you that the themes are all extremely different, although they place girls’ taste to the forefront of their entertainment. We will start off by introducing you to the best girly girl PC games, and will finish up with the best girls’ games on consoles!

Girly Girl PC Games

Although Apple is taking over the industry slowly but surely with its Macs, the ultimate gamer’s equipment remains the PC. Evidently, a lot of software have manage to adapt the different PC games onto Mac games. However, as far as we can remember we have always preferred to play on PC because it holds all the game’s magic on a stable platform with lovely graphics and sound effects. We will not bore you with unnecessary rants about PC versus Mac gaming quality. Instead, we will make sure to provide you with a top 5 of the best interactive girly girl’s PC Games. We made sure to select all the games that you will be able to find online, without any downloads needed and for free. We will direct you towards the best Flash versions of all the games that we will describe. You will be able to know everything about the game before you even start playing it! You will be more confident and you will benefit from many wins!

Girly Girl Consoles’ Games

Who said that consoles’ games were only for boys? Well, this is absolutely wrong! Girls are also a big force behind the success of console games. Now, you may wonder what kinds of games to they play? Do they play your usual FIFA or GTA? Well, there are girls, and although some may like it, the majority tends to go towards more girly games per se. If you are unaware of the different games girls play on console, you will appreciate our top 5 of the best girly girl consoles’ games! We have decided to include a game for every console favored by girls throughout the world. We will describe the games in order to provide you with all the elements that will help you make the difference playing the game. Although consoles’ games do not present any free trial option to them, our explanations will be enough to help you get familiar with the game, and decide whether or not you will be entertained and win some!