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Nowadays everybody has been in contact with a PC! Now let us help you take your PC experience to the next level by playing games on it! It is a fairly simple thing to do. However, if you are in need of a girly girl, you will have to rely on our selection of the best 5 girly PC games! We have managed to choose a wide range of different games and themes for you to be able to get the best entertainment possible! From family life to girly accessories you will have plenty of gaming option to try directly on your PC computer!

#1 Nicole’s Mommy Challenge

This girly girl PC game is a must! If you enjoyed playing the mom when you were little, this game will bring you back to your childhood! Remember that little kitchen where you use to reproduce your mom finest cooking? How would you feel if we were to tell you that you would find that and many other components for the perfect housewife on Nicole’s Mommy Challenge! Obviously, finding yourself in an interactive kitchen is not full of action. However, you have to know that this game is full of surprises in the sense that you will have to go from challenge to challenge in order to unlock a set of gaming options.

#2 Cake Shop

Do you remember baking with your grandmother being a child? Well, let us bring you back to the delicious smells of cakes baking! This is Cake Shop, the interactive PC games for girls only! You will find various recipes that you will have to perform with the help of your keyboard and your mouse! It will not be an easy task, but the result will have to be ultimately delicious and identical to the recipe in order for you to move on from one level to another! The graphics are so realistic that you will almost feel like entering your screen to taste your cakes!

#3 Make Me Pretty

‘Make me pretty’ is probably the one sentence that every little girl has already said her mom! The game’s providers have decided to name their game by that sweet little girly request. You will find yourself in front a mirror on your PC screen. You will also find a table full of make up products and other accessories to help you be the prettiest in the room!

#4 Cocktail Girl

Cocktail Girl is the best game for grown ups girly girls who like a drink once and a while! You will have a chance to become a professional bar tender! The best aspect of this game is the graphics that are extremely realistic! You will be able to know which flavors go together to know what to order for your next girls’ night in town!

#3 Frost Yo Nails

Who does not like fresh looking nails? That is the ultimate girly girl’s touch for you. If you are interested in nail art, then Fresh Yo Nails is the PC game that we recommend you to try! You will get various advices to take care of your nails and to make them pop! You will have access to different designs every time you unlock a new game level. You will be amazed by all the nail work that can possibly be done!

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